Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is one of the seven most massive water bodies in the world.

It is found in the central part of the continent of Europe.

To the north and western side of the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

On the eastern side, it borders with the Balkan Peninsula, which includes Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Albania.

The Sea appears in the form as an arm.

It stretches from the city of Venice in the north of Italy and flows straight into the Mediterranean Sea.

Adriatic Sea Facts for Kids

  • The Adriatic Sea is named after Adria, once a famous port located in the southwest of Venice in Italy.
  • The Sea runs along 500 miles in length from the tip of Venice to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There are 1,246 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Most of the islands are located along the coast of Croatia.
  • Some people live in 69 islands out of the total 1,246.
  • Hvar is the longest island in the Sea. It is 42 miles long.
  • Another island within the is the sea is the Krk island that has a population of 18,000 people.
  • There are 450 different marine species are living in the Sea. Of these, 120 species are dangerously in low numbers, because of overfishing.
  • The Sea has different names for different people living along its borderline. Albanians call it Deti Adriatik, Croatian and Slovene, call it Jadran, Italians call it Mare Adriatica.
  • Rivers flowing from the border countries empty into the Adriatic Sea, feeding it with a lot more water. In total eleven significant streams discharge waters into the Adriatic along the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Some of these rivers are Po and Adige from Italy.
  • The Adriatic Sea has been an important route for the sea voyage. It facilitates transportation and trade between Central Europe and countries to the East of Europe.
  • Today, there are many other options of travel besides sea voyage. But, there are commodities such as oil that is conveniently transported by ship. Therefore, the vessels traversing between Central Europe and countries to the East sail through the Adriatic.
  • Trade in marine and fishing production is a significant contribution to the wealth of each of the countries in the basin. Each of the countries has a right to fish in the Sea.
  • Tourism is another booster to the economy of the countries bordering the Sea. People from all over the world visit and stay on the beaches at the Sea because of its great beauty.


1. What is one crucial function the Adriatic Sea has served since many years ago?
2. How many different marine species live in the Adriatic Sea?
3. In what way is the Adriatic Sea useful today as a Sea route?
4. There are 1246 islands in the Adriatic Sea, how many of these are inhabited by people?


1. The one function the Adriatic Sea has served since many years ago is as a Sea route to connect Central Europe with other countries to the East of Europe.
2. 450 different marine species are living in the Adriatic Sea.
3. Today, the Adriatic Sea is useful as a Sea route because it facilitates the passage of ships traversing from Central Europe to countries in the East of Europe.
4. There are 69 islands occupied by people.