Alboran Sea

In the world we live in, you can find a great number of seas in almost every country.

This has led to an increase in the population of so nanny aquatic animals on earth.

Although, some seas experience very strong and harsh weather conditions, making it nearly impossible for fishes, sharks, whales, seals, penguins, and other animals to live there.

A popular sea that we have on earth is the Alboran Sea, which lies between the regions of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.

Let’s discuss a few features of the sea, as well as some cool and interesting facts of it that you should be aware of.

Alboran Sea Facts for Kids

  • The coastline of the Alboran sea stretches up to 765 miles across three countries. These countries include Spain(355 miles), Morocco(335 miles), and Algeria(75 miles). But over time, one of the countries took over and is still in control of the coastline. This country was Spain. Also, the Alboran sea is known to be a big sea and covers most of the western region of the Mediterranean sea.
  • The Alboran sea covers most of the western portion of the Mediterranean sea, and lies between north Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. Also, the Strait of Gibraltar which connects the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean can be found at the west end of the Alboran sea.
  • The Alboran sea has an average depth of 1,461 feet, and a maximum depth of 4,920 feet. Surely, this sea is very deep.
  • The currents in the Alboran sea are easily influenced by strong winds, causing them to flow towards the east, and thereby bringing water from the Atlantic ocean directly into the Mediterranean sea. But deeper into the sea, the water flows toward the west, causing the saltier water to flow from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, through the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Due to the exchange of water between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, there happened to be a vertical rotary circulation in the Alboran sea. This is called “Gyre”. The Alboran sea they say, is a combination of three different regions. These regions include the Mauritanian, the Lusitanian, and the Mediterranean.
  • The Alboran sea also has mountains, which are sometimes called the external zones of the sea. The mountains such as Gibraltar Arc and Atlas Mountains are large ones. And sometimes, earthquakes tend to reoccur around the area, which signifies the ongoing of subduction.
  • The Alboran sea is home to several small islands. Some of these islands include Penon de Velez de la Gomera, Islas Chafarinas, as well as Isla de Alboran. Because of their small size, they are mostly inhabited by military staff.
  • Due to the fact that the Alboran sea is located between the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, the sea has mix of species from both regions. Animals such as the bottlenose dolphins, porpoises, and loggerhead tortoises. Also, various commercial fisheries including swordfish and sardines can be found in the sea.
  • The Alboran sea is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, as ships sailing towards the Mediterranean sea usually pass through the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran sea because of its present ports.
  • A large number of military and naval bases have been set up around the Alboran sea. American and British submarines use the area of the sea as a docking point.

Question: What Are The Mountains Of The Alborab Sea Made Of?

Answer: The mountains are mostly made of continental crusts.

Question: Who Are Usually The Inhabitants Of The Sea’s Islands?

Answer: The Alboran sea’s islands are mostly inhabited by military staff.