Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is a marginal sea of the eastern Indian Ocean.

It is a division of the Indian Ocean.

Islands peninsula partially encloses it, Sumatra in the north, Thailand in the West, and Myanmar in the South.

It narrows at its south-eastern region to form the Straits of Malacca and flows into the Indian Ocean

Andaman Sea Facts for Kids

  • The Andaman Sea is the home to a wonderful mixture of various species of living creatures.
  • The biggest crabs in the world live here. One crab known as the Robber crab is unique in the sense that it lives on land but climbs up a coconut tree at night to eat the kennel of the soft coconuts.
  • The largest turtles in the world dwell here too. There are three different types of turtle, the hawksbill, green turtle and the leatherback. The largest sea turtle in the world is found in the Andaman Sea.
  • There are also beautiful butterflies and varied species of fish. Also, the gentle sea cow, a large marine mammal is home to the Andaman.
  • Within the Sea on Barren Island is located the Barren volcano. It is the only active volcano in India and all East Asia. The last time the volcano erupted was in 2017.
  • The peninsula partially covering the Andaman Sea has 572 islands of various sizes, but only 36 are open to tourists. Along the Thailand coastline, are the eleven Similan islands well known for their clean Beaches?
  • The eighth Similan Island is a big attraction to tourists who enjoy the scuba diving sport.
  • The coastal areas of the Andaman have mangrove forests and Seagrass. The mangrove provides shelter and safety for fish to lay eggs.
  • Deep into the forest are two waterfalls. They are the White serf Falls and the Whisper Waves. The elephant ride into the forest to reach the Waterfalls is an added adventure for travelers.
  • The prime use of the Andaman is the transportation of goods from coast to coast in the basin countries sharing the coastline. In ancient times, it was the main route for trade between India and China.
  • Jacques Cousteau, a French naval officer who lived in the last century, visited the region in the Andaman Sea. To keep the memory of what he saw and liked so much, he made a movie called the Invisible Islands.
  • In one of the Islands in the north, there lived a group of people that has remained completely isolated from other people for many years. These people number about 300 in total. They will not mix with anyone else but their own.
  • Andaman Sea Basin countries are India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Along the coast of Thailand are five islands.
  • The best time in the year to visit the region is winter from December, January, and summer from April, May, and June.
  • The monsoon months are from May to September. This is a time when the weather changes drastically either to storm, rain, and floods or dry weather in different parts of the region.

1.What is the name of the island where there is an active volcano? When was the last time this volcano erupted?
2.What are the names of the five countries in the Andaman basin?
3.What are the three types of different weather patterns known in the Andaman Sea region?
4.What is the prime use of the Andaman Sea?
5.Name three different sea or land creatures found in the Andaman Sea.

1.The name of the island where there is an active volcano is Barren Island. The last time it erupted is in the year 2017
2.The names of the five countries in the Andaman sea basin are India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
3.The three types of different weather patterns known in the Andaman sea region are winter, summer and the Monsoon.
4.The prime use of Myanmar is the transportation of goods from coast to coast in the countries in the basin.
5.The three creatures found in the Andaman Sea are Sea cow, Crab, and turtle.