Archipelago Sea

Most seas around the world are great and famous tourist attractions.

Because of their endless and wonderful features, many tourists around the world come around to see them. Great seas can be found all over the world, but sometimes it can take a while to find one.

One of them includes the Archipelago sea, which is very famous amongst children.

The Archipelago sea is near the cities of Mariehamn, Hanko, and Uusikaupunki, and with its location, the sea possesses so many historic and natural features that would interest just about anyone, especially children.

Although glaciers can not be found on the Archipelago sea, this is because of its highly moderate climate conditions.

Archipelago Sea Facts for Kids

    • The entire Archipelago sea is known to contain the largest island group and has islands that form an autonomous region within Finland. The sea is known to be a very shallow sea, and had its islands created about ten thousand years ago. And even till date, small new islands are being formed, and older islands appear to be becoming larger than before.
    • The Archipelago sea can be found between the Gulf of Finland, the Gulf of Bothnia, and the Sea of Åland in Finnish territorial waters.

Fortunately for the Archipelago sea, it possesses thousands of islands which attract many animal species as well as human beings.

The Archipelago Sea is home to several thousands of islands that were formed thousands of years ago from the last ice age of the earth. Some of these islands have barren rocks, bushes, meadows, freshwater bogs, and brackish ponds, and allow a variety of plants to grow successfully.

  • The Archipelago sea overtime had changed to a body of brackish water. This was due to the flow of saline water from the North Sea, into the Baltic sea and further. All of which happened approximately 7,600 years ago.
  • The sea is not very deep and is very shallow. It has a depth of 23 meters, which discourages ships and other large vessels from sailing across because of their large size. The Archipelago sea has an area of 8,600 square kilometers.
  • The weather and climatic conditions are fairly constant most times. With summer day temperatures ranging from 15°C to about 25°C, the sea supports a great variety of life forms.
  • Many people because of the greatness of the Archipelago sea, have turned to make it their home. With all of its islands, the sea has a population of over 60,000 inhabiting them.
  • The Archipelago sea has many sea animals living in and around it. Some of these animals include the black guillemot, seagulls, as well as muse swan. These animals use thew areas of the sea as breeding and feeding spaces. Also, gray seal species can be found around the Archipelago sea. Fishing is a very common practice because of the large numbers of fish species living in the sea. Some of these fish species include perch, zander, whitefish, sea trout, and Baltic herring.
  • Some of the major industries for the inhabitants of the Archipelago sea include fishing, fish processing, as well as tourism.
  • Over the years, many ferries and bridges have been constructed across various areas of the Archipelago sea. These wonderful constructions have aided the migration and movement of individuals as well as children, across different areas of the sea. With the presence of road ferries and cable ferries transport systems, transporting people from island to island has become very easy in the area of the Archipelago sea.

Question When Were The Islands Of The Archipelago Sea Formed?

Answer Rsearchers say that these islands had only begun to emerge from the sea approximately 10,000 years ago.

Question How Is The Climate Of The Sea During Winter?

Answer During most winter season, the sea is usually covered with snow.