Bali Sea

It is quite hard to find interesting places where you could visit with friends and family to relax, explore, and learn.

One of these few spots is the Bali sea in Indonesia which not only assures you of a good time swimming in its waters but also a chance to learn and experience new cultures from its surrounding islands.

Visiting the Bali sea brings you face to face with nature as you get to enjoy scuba diving at its best.

Bali Sea Facts for Kids

  • To the north of the Bali Sea is the island of Bali and to the south of it is the Kangean island. The sea is sometimes grouped into the much larger Flores sea and described as the south-west part of the Flores sea. To the west of the Bali Sea, the Madura strait flows up into it.
  • The Bali sea has been known to go as deep as 5,217 feet in some parts. This means that the Bali sea can swallow over three Empire State buildings stacked on top of one another and still have over a thousand feet to spare.
  • The sea has a surface area of 45,000 km square. Meaning you would be sure to spot several ships and boats sailing across its blue colored surface.
  • The Bali sea has been known at multiple times in history to have experienced low-level Tsunamis. The last time a tsunami was observed on the sea is over a hundred years ago in the year 1917. Tsunamis or tidal waves are a series of waves in a water body such as a sea, caused by the displacement of a large volume of water.
  • Sea temples are scattered over the Bali sea on little islands around the sea. Some of these temples are believed to have mystical powers, like the most famous Pura Tanah Lot temple. The temple is famous for its magnificent views of the setting and rising of the sun, and the temple gives a beautiful scenery or background for taking pictures. The first sea temple though is the Pura Gede Perancak. A total of seven sea temples can be found around the area making for a fun and informative outing
  • Two large islands are close to the Bali Sea, the Bali island to the north and the Kangean island to the south. The Bali island where the sea gets its name from, is a popular tourist destination and has a population of over four million residents. It is also believed to contain the majority of Indonesia’s Hindi population.
  • These are the sea animals you can find in the Bali sea. When you decide to go scuba diving in the Bali Sea, a highly popular activity there, be sure you would run into aquatic animals like frogfish, semicircular fish, turtles, mola mola, peacock grouper fish and more. Dolphins, shrimps, sea snakes, reef octopus and more can be found in deeper parts of the sea.
  • These are animals you can find close to the shores of the Bali sea. Multiple species of birds can be found along the shores and surrounding areas from sea eagles, dollar birds, to sandpipers, and sparrows.
  • Visiting the sea means you are sure to spot beautiful and wonderful plants around the shores of the sea. These plants include huge trees like the Tamarind, Coconut palms, Bamboos, Banyan trees, water lilies, Magnolia, jasmine, frangipani and soothing beauty Eceng Gondok.
  • The water of the Bali sea usually has a surface temperature ranging from 23-32 degrees Celsius close to shore. The water flows from the Flores sea into the Java sea.

Question: How many sea temples can be found around the Bali sea area?

Answer: A total of seven sea temples can be found around the area.

Question: Water flows from what sea into the Bali sea?

Answer: Water flows from the Flores sea into the Bali sea.