Banana Facts

Bananas are a very popular fruit that you can find in your local stores.

They are very popular to eat and also bring many health benefits.

But, there are a number of benefits that they have that you may not be familiar with.

Find out some of the interesting facts that the humble banana has that you may not have known beforehand.

Banana Facts for Kids

  • Bananas contain around 70% water
  • Bananas can float in water
  • They contain potassium and are also high in carbohydrate and sugar
  • There are over 1000 different types of bananas available
  • Some health experts disagree on the nutritional benefits of bananas
  • They are grown in over 150 different countries
  • Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala are countries in Latin America and South America that grow and export the majority of bananas that we eat
  • India is also a leading producer of bananas
  • We eat more than 100 billion bananas every year
  • Bananas are the fourth most consumed plant that we eat
  • Banana plants are a type of herb, not a tree
  • They grow in large bunches
  • They can sometimes be found in order colors which includes red
  • The most popular type of banana that you will find in your local store is the Cavendish banana
  • Banana plants can be as high as 25 feet tall
  • Could you peel and eat 8 bananas in one minute? that’s what Patrick Bertoletti (USA) done in 2012
  • Some research shows that eating bananas may lower your risk of having a heart attack
  • If you use cling wrap on the stem of a banana it can last up to 5 days longer

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