Banda Sea

Nothing feels quite as refreshing as going for a swim to escape the burning heat of the sun especially during the summer with its hot and long days.

The Banda sea not only offers you a place where you can relax and refresh yourself with family and friends.

You get to see different sea creatures, go on fishing trips and visit islands scattered all over the sea.

The Banda sea water is clear making it excellent for scuba diving and swimming.

Banda Sea Facts for Kids

  • The Banda Sea is a sea found in Indonesia at the Maluku islands, the sea is connected to the Pacific ocean and forms the western south portion of the Pacific ocean.
  • The Banda Sea has a length of about a thousand kilometers from east to west and a width of about 500 kilometers from north to south. It has a total surface area of 470,000 square kilometers. Therefore be rest assured that you would see big ships and boats sailing across the sea.
  • Generally, the sea has been known to go as far deep as 7,440 meters. Though depth is different at particular regions of the Banda sea, with the sea having a maximum depth of 5,800 meters at its northern part, while the southern part has a maximum depth of 5,400.
  • The Banda sea is surrounded by hundreds of islands, to the west side of the sea it is bordered by Sulawesi island, Buru island, Barat Daya Islands, Aru islands, Ambon island and the Seram island. While to East you get to find the Tanimbar islands, Timor islands and the Kai islands. The Banda islands can be found within the sea.
  • Fauna simply means animals that can be found in a particular region. Various sea creatures that can be found in the Banda sea include whales, frogfish, shark, dolphins, seahorse, mandarin fish, tuna and much more. The islands on the sea contain twenty-one species of birds that are impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Mammals on the islands of the sea are quite few amounting to only twenty two species.
  • Flora is the opposite meaning of fauna, meaning it is a word used in describing the plant life that can be found in a particular region. The Banda sea is rich in plant life, the plants in the area are a mix of Australasian and Asian plant species. The Banda islands, Kai islands, Tanimbar islands and other smaller islands of the sea contain moist deciduous forests.
  • Endangered animals of the Bali sea which dwell on its islands are a mouse-eared bat, known as Kei Myotis and the rare dusky pademelon. Bird species are also being threatened by the actions of egg collectors, and accidental release of cats and rats by fishermen passing by the islands.
  • The Banda sea water flows from the Pacific ocean making it sometimes described as part of the Pacific, the water flows into the Flores, Timo, Molucca, Arafura, Savu and Ceram seas.
  • The sea has numerous small islands which are actually active volcanoes, examples of such islands are the Manuk and Gunung Api islands which make up parts of the Banda islands. Some of its islands were formed when when volcanoes erupted in ancient times.
  • Earthquake occur in the region due to fact that three tectonic plates meet there, these tectonic plates being the Pacific, Eurasian and Indo-Australian plates. This earthquake mostly occur in isolated regions and don’t cause any damage to human communities. Tectonic plates is a scientific term for describing the movement of certain parts of the earth’s crust.

Question: Name the three tectonic plates that meet at the Banda sea

Answer: The Pacific plate, Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate.

Question: How many bird species can only be found on islands of the Banda sea.

Answer: Twenty-one bird species can be found.