Bay of Bengal

Found in the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, you will find the Bay of Bengal. The reason it is known as the Bay of Bengal is that north of the bay is the state, West Bengal, and also Bangladesh.

There are many countries with the Bay of Bengal as their coastlines such as India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Unfortunately due to pollution in the area, there is something known as the ‘Asian Brown Cloud’ that hangs over the bay from January to March.

This is actually the world’s largest water region that is called a ‘bay’ with a surface area of 1007505,37 square km (389 000 miles).

Bay of Bengal Facts for Kids

  • There are many rivers that flow into the Bay of Bengal. Some of them are the Padma, the Irrawaddy, the Krishna and the Ganges.
  • The Bay of Bengal also has many important ports along its coastline such as Port Blair, Chittagong, Yangon and Mongla.
  • The bay also has many islands within it! These islands are Nicobar, Andaman and Mergui. This bay seems to have it all!
  • Did you know that in the north-east of the Bay of Bengal is an island called Cheduba which has mud volcanoes? These volcanoes are even active sometimes! There are also volcanoes in Myanmar because of the bay’s location above the Indo-Australian plate.
  • Sadly, 280 000 people were killed in 2004 after an earthquake and tsunami due to pressure from the tectonic activity in the Bay of Bengal.
  • The Bay of Bengal is home to one of the largest marine ecosystems and there are many amazing animals that live here! These animals include the sea snake called, Kerilia jerdonii, and the endangered olive ridley sea turtle and there have been sightings of the spinning dolphin!
  • There is also the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve along the banks of the Bay of Bengal in which a variety of sea turtles and crocodiles are actually protected.
  • Unfortunately, due to overfishing in the Bay of Bengal, it has had a bad effect on the marine life of the bay. More than six million tons of fish are caught every year.
  • The Bay of Bengal has seen many famous ships and shipwrecks! You will find the 1850 American Eagle Clipper, the Bark and the Yura sunk in the bay.
  • If you love playing on the beach – you’ll love the Bay of Bengal when you visit Marina Beach in India. This is one of the longest beaches in the world that has a promenade!
  • The Bay of Bengal also helps aid the nearby countries’ economies. It has very deep areas that allow for oil drilling and oil gases. This is one of the main sources of money for the countries close by. It also has a very rich source of minerals, gems and precious stones! This all boost the economy and help people earn money.