Beaufort Sea

In the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Beaufort Sea.

This sea is north of Alaska and was named after a hydrographer and Royal Navy Officer, Sir Francis Beaufort.

The climate in this area of the sea is quite something and is found to be frozen for most of the year!

This portion of the Atlantic Ocean is 178709.18 square km(69,000 square miles)!

There are only a few settlements along the shore of this sea and can be found nearby to the Major Mackenzie River.

The population is quite low along this sea and we can imagine why with the crazy weather and low temperatures!

Beaufort Sea for Kids

  • The Beaufort Sea is known for its natural resources such as oil and gas! These resources are found underneath the Beaufort Sea’s shelf.
  • The commercial fishing in this sea is monitored by the governments of the US as well as Canada. This is also done to protect a species of whales found in this sea, the Beluga Whales.
  • Unfortunately, many of the locals in this area hunt seals and whales but this is not for commercial use and is purely for their own sport or to sustain themselves on local animals.
  • Did you know that the shoreline of this sea is covered with tundra? Tundra is an area where soil is permanently frozen and is incredibly icy! These are perfect conditions for Elsa and Anna!
  • This area is actually the northern limit of the North American Polar Bear – we wonder if they feel as cold as we would!
  • The Mackenzie River which is close by is also a popular area for wildlife such as whales and sea birds.
  • This area of the world is home to an estimated 80 different species of zooplankton. Zooplankton can be anything from tiny organisms to larger animals like jellyfish.
  • You will find more than 70 types of phytoplankton in this sea which is associated with flora and uses carbon dioxide to release oxygen as well as converting minerals for animals. This is sometimes found in the form of green algae.
  • You won’t find too many animals by this sea because of the freezing cold temperatures! But there are quite a few types of fish that can live here like the Arctic cod, salmon, Lake Whitefish, Pacific Herring, and Flatfish.
  • There is also a border dispute for a small area of land that borders Yukon and Alaska in the sea. This dispute is between Canada and the United States and they still have not decided who it belongs to!


1. In which ocean is the Beaufort Sea found?

2. What natural resources are found here?

3. Which species of whale is protected from commercial fishing?

4. Name three types of fish that can be found in this sea.

5. What is a large form of Zooplankton?