The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Just mentioning the name, The Bermuda Triangle can make some peeps nervous. Well, we’re going to tell you all about the mystery that this place is with cool facts, a few secrets thrown in, some history, and also some theories that people believe.

Are there supernatural forces at work here or have stories been blown out of proportion? Get ready to be amazed about this mysterious place on Earth.

Maybe science will give us all the answers we need and maybe the Bermuda Triangle is no different from anywhere else in the ocean. Read what we’ve got to say and decide for yourself!

So where is this mysterious place? Well, it’s actually in the Atlantic Ocean and the Bermuda Triangle lies between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida.

  • If you haven’t heard about the Bermuda Triangle, well it has been believed for years and years and years that this place is where quite a few mysterious and strange planes and boat incidents have happened.
  • Lots of people, even now, believe that the Bermuda Triangle has lots of paranormal activity happening around there, which means that these are things that happen which cannot be explained by scientists.

However, most of the investigations that have been done around the Bermuda Triangle show that they have most likely been because of bad weather or human error.

Apparently, there’s been heaps of research done, and all these reports of weird and strange happenings in the Bermuda Triangle were exaggerated. The number of incidents that there have been in the Bermuda Triangle is apparently similar to incidents in other parts of the ocean. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? A mystery indeed.

Even though it’s not got a great reputation, and scares the life out of some people it’s a regularly sailed shipping lane, with cruise ships and other boats sailing through it happily on a regular basis.

Facts for Kids
Facts for Kids
  • Besides boats, loads of aircraft also fly through the Bermuda Triangle and they are private and commercial planes that fly over it all the time.
  • Strange stories of things disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle, with no explanation at all started in around the 1950s. All these stories started to reach the ears of the public, and the stories have continued since then, as well as the mystery that surrounds this place on Earth.

There are claims, which aren’t verified, which give supernatural explanations for Bermuda Triangle incidents. These have involved references to UFOs and even the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Wow! Who knows what’s going on there!

  • Other explanations have included magnetic glitches, pirates, deliberate sinking, hurricanes, gas deposits, rough weather, huge waves, and human error.

What are some of the famous Incidents reported?

The USS Cyclops and its crew of 309 went missing after leaving Barbados in 1918.

The TBM Avenger bombers went missing in 1945 during a training flight over the Atlantic called Flight 19.

A Douglas DC-3 aircraft containing 32 people went missing in 1958, no trace of the aircraft was ever found.

A yacht was found in 1955 that had survived three hurricanes but all its crew was missing.

What Happened to Flight 19?

Flight 19, which we spoke about above, was one of the most famous disappearances around the Bermuda Triangle. On December 5, 1945, five US Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously vanished while they were on a routine training mission.

The flight was led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor, who kept in contact on the radio until nobody could hear anything. The rescue plane that was sent out to look for them never made it back either.

Six aircraft and 27 men disappeared without a trace, or so it seems. Did Flight 19 simply crash into the Atlantic Ocean or did something more mysterious happening?

And where did the rescue plane go?

Hmmmm, lots of things to think about here!

What Happened Aboard the Marie Celeste?

So, with all this information on the Bermuda Triangle, what do you think? Do you think it’s down to the weather or human error or do you think there’s something rather strange going on there?