Biology for Kids

Biology is the study of living organisms. The study is divided into many specialized fields that cover their origin, anatomy, morphology, physiology, behavior, and distribution.
Because the field is so broad it is often called the “study of life.”

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Why is biology so fun?

Studying everything about life includes studying about ourselves. As humans, we are living organisms and learning about everything from lower life forms helps us to understand our own. There is a sense of mystery and discovery in all of the variations of life.

Where is biology used?

Biology is used in almost all of the sciences involved in living creatures. We use biology in everything from the study of medicines and treatments to learning about the behavior of animals and the world around us.

Are viruses considered to be included in the study of biology?

Yes. Viruses are a life form and some are also those that are the cause of the common cold.

Why do we put importance in the study of biology?

The more that we learn about all living creatures, the more we learn about ourselves. Biology helps us to expand our knowledge but also to develop things that we need to advance and keep ourselves and other life healthy. Understanding what causes devastating problems like plagues or disease helps us to develop cures.

Can frogs live in salt water?

No. Salt water is too salty for a frog’s system, although there are some frog species that thrive in “brackish” water. This is a type of water that is a combination of salt and fresh water.

Plants use a process that uses sunlight to convert into food. What is the name of this process?

Photosynthesis. Plant use the sunlight as an energy source to create foods from water and carbon dioxide. This requires that they have a green pigment known as chlorophyll. After the creation of the food, plants give off oxygen as a byproduct.

When every member of a species dies it is called:

Extinction. Throughout the history of the earth there have been many extinctions. These have been mainly due to natural disasters, including weather changes. Each time a species goes extinct it can have an effect on the balance of the ecology that it lived in.

When DNA changes and creates a new trait, what is it called?

Mutation. Scientists believe that mutations have been the reason for many species to be able to survive when environmental conditions changed and helped to move them forward in progress.

Animals that eat other animals as well as plants are called what?

Omnivores. Humans are considered to be omnivores. Those animals that eat only plants are called herbivores. Those animals that eat only meat are called carnivores.

Is a salamander a reptile?

No. When you look at a salamander you think that it is a kind of lizard. However, salamanders are also amphibians, which means they survive in the water and lizards are not. Amphibians have moist skin, while lizards are covered in dry scales.

What are the eight different biology category classifications?

  • Domain
  • Kingdom
  • Phylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species