Cat Facts

Cats remain one of the most popular pets around the world.

Cats held high status as far back as Egyptian times and were often mummified and buried in the same honor as humans.

Fun Cat Facts for Kids

  • Cats are one of the most popular pets that we have.
  • Cats have amazing night vision and can see six times better than us mere humans.
  • Cats cannot see in complete darkness
  • A male cat is called a tom, a female cat is called a queen or molly.
  • Cats have claws which, can be used to help them catch prey.
  • Baby cats (kittens) can purr when they are only two days old.
  • The average cat can sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day.
  • Cats can jump on average seven times their height.
  • A cat’s sense of smell is said to be 14 times greater than humans.
  • When cats meet each other, they like to rub their noses and whiskers.
  • They are very flexible which helps them to adapt to situations when hunting small animals like mice.

The History of Cats

The Near Eastern wildcat roamed in the deserts of the middle east around 10,000 years ago. Compared to the modern day domestic cats you would not see much difference. But, the Near Eastern wildcat was fierce and feral, where’s the domestic cat is tame and adaptable enough to become the world’s most popular pet.

The earliest archaeological evidence for domestic cats was found in Kazakhstan. A well-preserved skeleton was discovered from the early medieval city of Dzhankent dating to around 775–940 cal CE.

Early Egyptians worshipped the cat goddess Bastet. Carvings have been found in tombs from ancient Egyptian that depict cats in them. Bastet had a slender female body and the head of a cat

In ancient Egypt Cats were very important and the people considered them to be demi-deities. They protected the crops and killed rodents to stop the spread of disease.

How did cats become domesticated?

Scientists have discovered that cats spread around the world by analyzing remains found in port cities. it’s believed that they were brought along on ships to protect food storage by killing any rodents onboard.

Over time people hand feed them and the fact they killed rodents helped people to tolerate them. But, living near people and easy access to food suited cats and the process of taming and domestication started.

Facts for Kids
Facts for Kids

How much do cats weigh?

Domestic cats should weigh between 3.5 kg and 4.5 kg

The heaviest domestic cat was a tabby cat called Himmy who lived in Queensland Australia who weighed a staggering 21.3 kg. One problem is that many people overfeed domestic cats and anything over 5 kg is considered too heavy.

Do Cats Have fun

Cats love to observe the world and everything that’s going on around them. They love nothing better than sitting in their favored perch in front of a window and watching children play, birds flying past and maybe a squirrel in a tree.

They do have predatory instincts even from a kitten to an adult and are interested that everything is going on outside.

Do cats know their names

A dog will run over to you when you call their name. However, cats can be pretty dismissive when you call them.

But research conducted in 2019 showed that a team of researchers studying cats found 78 out of 100 cats responded when people said their names.

It’s quite interesting when you consider this I’m sure we all have personal experience of calling cats and they pretty much just ignore us. But we still love them.

More Interesting Facts About Cats

A cat will live approximately 12 to 15 years.

Cats cannot taste sweet things.

When a cat walks they make sure their back paws step almost exactly in the same place as the front paws. This ensures they walk nice and soft and it reduces visible tracks which makes them dangerous hunters.

They communicate through scent they like to pee on things like fence posts, trees.

They like to keep clean and you will see them licking their coats all the time.

There are approximately 600 million domestic cats around the world.

The bond between humans and cats has been around for almost 10,000 years

Cats have a flexible spine that allows them to ‘fall’ and twist so that they land on their feet.

The flexibility of a cat’s body along with the design of their teeth allows them to be successful hunters of a small animal such as mice.

Animals that are in groups often have names. If you see a group of cats, it is called a ‘clowder’.

Cats are designed to be sneaky for hunting purposes. When they walk, the back paws can step in almost the exact same place as their forepaws previously did. This ability allows them to have low noise and reduces their tracks from being seen.

Cats are nocturnal, which means they do best at hunting at night. They have excellent night vision. Their eyes can see the light that is six times lower than a human would need to be able to see.

The cat has an incredibly sensitive ability for hearing and a powerful sense of smell.

As a cat gets older they sometimes become aggressive with a younger kitten.

Cats of all ages love to play and chase. As kittens, this type of play is practice for them as they learn their hunting and fighting skills.

The average lifespan of a cat is from twelve to fifteen years.

Cats are excellent when it comes to grooming and may spend a lot of their time cleaning their coats.

When a cat cleans their coat from licking it, they leave a bit of a chemical on the fur.

When the chemical dries it becomes lighter than air and it is that chemical that causes an allergic reaction in some people, not ‘dandruff’ as is commonly thought.

Feral cats

In many parts of the United States, there are programs that trap feral cats to take them in for checkups, shots, and then to be neutered.

Before they are returned to the wild one of their ears will be ‘clipped’.

This is the universal sign that the feral cat has been neutered and checked.