Ceský Krumlov Facts

Ceský Krumlov is a town in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. It is a popular tourist destination known for its Old Town district with preserved Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture, as well as its castle complex.

Its forests, rivers, and meadows also make it popular for outdoor activities, including watersports and leisurely strolls. Visitors from around the world come to explore this beautiful town’s unique attractions and take in its history.

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Ceský Krumlov Facts for kids

  • Ceský Krumlov is a city in the Czech Republic.
  • It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The city is built around a castle.
  • Ceský Krumlov is known for its colorful buildings.
  • The city is surrounded by a moat.
  • Ceský Krumlov has a well-preserved medieval old town.
  • The city has a historic center with many narrow streets.
  • Ceský Krumlov has a lively cultural scene with many festivals.


Český Krumlov was built around a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements by the powerful Vítkovci family. Situated at a ford of an important trade route in Bohemia, it grew beneath the castle.

After the Vítkovci line became extinct, the Rosenbergs prospered and had the upper castle erected in the early 14th century. A unique Baroque theatre with original equipment and fittings was added later. The majestic Gothic St.Vitus Cathedral took centuries to finish and is an iconic symbol of Czech pride.

The Rosenbergs pushed for increased trading and crafting activities in the town.

German miners arrived when gold was found nearby, prompting an ethnic shift. William had the Renaissance-style castle rebuilt, and it remained so until 1947, when it came under House of Schwarzenberg ownership.

The Castle and its Surroundings

Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of Český Krumlov’s castle. Towering above the city, the stunning hilltop complex is a captivating blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.

Explore the various parts of the castle, including its Upper Castle with a museum and chapel and Lower Castle with a palace. Stroll through gardens filled with plants and flowers, take in unparalleled views from the terrace, or relax near its tranquil moat, which has an island accessible via a bridge.

Ventured to Bear Moat for an eye-opening experience – these days, it is home to a colony of well-looked-after bears!

The Old Town

Explore. Stroll. Witness. The old town of Český Krumlov captivates all who come, with winding narrow streets encircled by colorful buildings. Amongst the many historic structures stands the awe-inspiring Church of St. Vitus, a Gothic architectural marvel which dates back to the 14th century. Its crowning feature is the astronomical clock built in the 15th century with its intricate design depicting celestial movements.

City Hall, an exquisite Renaissance building located in the main square, is not to be missed either. Take a tour of its impressive expositions and collections on display; spectacle awaits! Marvel at its majestic façade and don’t miss out on taking an elevated view from the tower – panoramic views included!

Joining City Hall in the main square is the Church of St James, known for featuring a tower climbable for scenic vistas of Český Krumlov. Enjoy a cup of coffee or traditional Czech fares as locals and tourists mingle in this bustling hub.

Enter the labyrinthine streets and witness daily life up close. Be sure to explore souvenir stores selling local crafts and traditional keepsakes, a memorable experience guaranteed!

Other Hiden Gems Nearby

We have a hidden gem in the Czech Republic; the Egon Schiele Art Centrum. Its permanent exhibition showcases the works of the renowned Austrian painter Schiele. Additionally, it hosts displays of notable works by Picasso, Dalí, and Klimt.

Zlatá Koruna Monastery is another attraction, an architectural marvel dating back to Bohemian times. A three-aisled basilica comprising a transept and a convent church forms its centerpiece. An accompanying cloister and chapel of Guardian Angels complete the entire complex. Adjacent to it stands a brewery with accessible backcourts from the east and west gates.

These sites are inspiring and steeped in history and culture that can offer an enriching experience to anyone who visits them. The Art Centrum gives us glimpses into past eras through art, while Zlatá Koruna showcases Bohemia’s architectural beauty. A visit to these will be well worth your time!

Culture and Events

Celebration. Five Petaled Rose Festival, featuring music, dance, and theater performances, is held in the main square to honor Český Krumlov’s history.

At the castle and along the riverfront, visitors can experience a variety of traditional pastimes, such as jousting and fencing, as well as music, dance, and theatrical performances.

The International Music Festival Český Krumlov runs from July to August; there is something for everyone, with styles ranging from rock to soul to blues.

Open Air Krumlov offers live music in the Eggenberg Brewery Garden in June. Throughout the year, many other diverse events occur, making it easy to experience authentic Czech culture while visiting this picturesque town.

Christmas markets provide a festive atmosphere with traditional decorations, crafts, and food. Historical Festival recreates medieval times for a glimpse of past life.

International Music Festival showcases classical notes, jazz, and folk.

Summer Shakespeare devoted to performances in the castle garden. Wine Tasting sees delectable traditional Czech food enjoyed alongside local wines.

The fireworks Festival ends with a spectacular display over the castle.

Important Facts and Overview

Prague Castle echoes 16th-century grandeur, nestled in the medieval town of Český Krumlov. This Central European hub offers endless experiences, with vibrant street scenes and lively nightlife.

Take a walking tour to get up close and personal with ancient history. Admire the intricate Baroque ornamentation of the facades. Sip coffee from a cozy café patio overlooking the peaceful Vltava River below.

Explore its many hidden gems, such as the timeless Charles Bridge or magnificent Strahov Monastery, for unique discoveries that will stay with you forever.

Unearth centuries-old monuments like Slavín and Klášterní Skalické Kruhy for captivating insights into this remarkable place’s formidable past. And don’t miss out on tasting traditional cuisine prepared in classic cookeries along with succulent dishes from modern eateries!

Enjoy a sighting of Týnský Chram’s audacious spires during sundown, or indulge your evening with sophisticated jazz concerts at one of their celebrated art galleries. According to local folk tales, Old Town Hall is well worth a visit before closing time, where mystic wordings reveal olden legends and moral values to ponder over in solitude!

No trip is complete without reveling in Český Krumlov’s breathtaking landscape – lined with jagged mountains, undulating plains, and mesmerizing gorges strewed along winding pathways that offer hiking trails unlike any other in Central Europe!