Cobalt Facts

Cobalt is a metallic element found in the Earth’s crust. It has many fascinating characteristics and properties and has been used for a variety of practical applications throughout the years. If you’re interested in learning more about this interesting element, then you’ve come to the right place!

Atomic Number27
Element NameCobalt
Atomic Mass58.9332 g/mol

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Cobalt Facts for kids

  • Cobalt is a transition metal and is located in the middle of the periodic table.
  • In aircraft engines and other machinery, cobalt is primarily used to make strong, durable alloys.
  • Cobalt was first used in glass and pottery glazes by ancient Egyptians.
  • Cobalt has magnetic properties and is used in magnets, batteries, and medical equipment
  • Cancer is treated with cobalt-60, a radioactive isotope of cobalt.
  • The name “cobalt” comes from the German word kobold, which means goblin or evil spirit

Characteristics and Properties

Cobalt is a metallic element, meaning it has a shiny, silver-gray appearance. It is a transition metal, and it has a hardness of 5. It is malleable, meaning it can be easily beaten into thin sheets, and it is also ductile, meaning it can be drawn into thin wires. Cobalt has a melting point of 1495°C and a boiling point of 2927°C.

Where is cobalt found on Earth?

Cobalt is found in a variety of places on Earth. It is found in trace amounts in many minerals, such as olivine and spinel. It is also found in higher concentrations in some meteorites. Cobalt is also found in the Earth’s crust in deposits of nickel, copper, and other ores.

How is cobalt used today?

Cobalt is a chemical element known for its unique properties, making it an essential component of many everyday items. It’s a hard, silver-gray metal that has been used for centuries in jewelry and coins.

Today, cobalt is used in a variety of products, from batteries to medical implants. In batteries, cobalt is used as the active material in lithium-ion cells. This makes them more powerful and efficient than other battery types.

In medical applications, cobalt is often used to make artificial joints and prosthetics. Cobalt alloys are stronger and more durable than other metals, making them ideal for use in these products. Cobalt is also used in MRI scanners and radiation therapy equipment due to its ability to absorb X-rays.

Cobalt can also be found in paints and dyes, where it helps create vivid colors that are resistant to fading over time. It’s also used as a corrosion inhibitor in some industrial processes, helping to prevent rust and other forms of damage.

Overall, cobalt is an incredibly useful element that has a wide range of practical applications. From batteries to medical implants, cobalt continues to be an essential part of many everyday items.

How was it discovered?

Cobalt was first discovered in 1735 by Swedish chemist George Brandt. He was studying a mineral known as cobaltite and noticed that it contained a previously unknown element. He named this element cobalt, after the German word for “goblin.”

Where did cobalt get its name?

Cobalt is named after the German word for “goblin.” This is because miners in the 18th century believed that cobalt was bad luck and that it was caused by goblins.


1. Cobalt has five naturally occurring isotopes, which are cobalt-59, cobalt-60, cobalt-61, cobalt-62, and cobalt-58.

2. Cobalt-60 is the most abundant isotope and is used in medical treatments for cancer and other diseases.

3. Cobalt-59 is used in radiotherapy for the treatment of certain types of cancer and in the production of radioactive tracers for medical diagnosis.

4. Cobalt-61 is a radioactive isotope that can be used as a source of gamma radiation for various industrial applications such as sterilization and food irradiation.

5. The longest-lived isotope of cobalt is cobalt-58, with a half-life of 70 years, making it useful in dating archaeological materials.

Oxidation States

Cobalt has several oxidation states, including +2, +3, and +4. The most common oxidation state is +2, but it can also exist in other oxidation states depending on its environment.

Interesting Facts about Cobalt

Cobalt is an essential trace element that is required for the growth and development of many organisms. It is also used to make vitamin B12. Cobalt is also used in the production of the blue pigment known as cobalt blue. Finally, cobalt is used in the production of lithium-ion batteries, which are increasingly popular in consumer electronics.

That wraps up my comprehensive article on cobalt facts for kids. I hope that you now feel more informed about this interesting element and its many applications. Thanks for joining me here today!