Comoros Facts for Kids

Throughout the world, there are many splendid places to visit and explore.

Each of these places is filled with amazing people, lots of animals, and unique geography.

Also, each place has its own fascinating history.

To truly understand the world around us, it is very important to learn as much as we can about the different places around the world.

Each country has its own language, flag, food, fashion, and so much more.

One incredible place to learn about is Comoros.

Here, you will find some of the most fascinating and fun facts about Comoros.

While you will not learn everything there is to learn about this great place, you will find the most important and interesting facts.


Comoros Facts for Kids

  • Comoros is second only to Madagascar when it comes to vanilla production making it the second-largest vanilla producer in the entire world.
  • The islands of Comoros have three main exports. These are cloves, vanilla, and perfume essence.
  • Comoros is the largest producer of ylang-ylang. This is an ingredient in many fragrant oils and perfumes.
  • Most of the Comoros islands are volcanic. Some of the volcanoes are very small, while others are large and steep.
  • The largest island is called Ngazidja and is where the Comoros capital city of Moroni is located. There is an active volcano on the island called Mount Karthala. This volcano is the highest point in all Comoros. Another name for Ngazidja is Grande Comore.
  • Mount Karthala has erupted more than twenty (20) times since the 19th century and continues to be active.
  • Every country has an official name and for Comoros, that official name is the Union of Comoros.
  • A unique thing about Comoros is that instead of one official language, it has three. these languages are French, Arabic, and Comorian.
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular in Comoros. This is because Comoros is home to one of the world’s biggest coral atolls which contains manta rays, whale sharks, large turtles, coral, shells, and hundreds of species of fish.
  • There is a lake in a volcanic crater in Grande Comore that contains a great deal of sulfur.
  • The first inhabitants in Comoros is believed to have been Melanesian and Polynesian settlers.
  • The islands of Comoros have three main exports. These exports are cloves, vanilla, and perfume essence.
  • Comoros is one of the least populated countries in the world. However, it is comparatively densely populated based on its size. There are less the one million inhabitants in the country of Comoros, but there is an average of two hundred and seventy-five (275) inhabitants for every seven hundred and ten (710) square miles which is one square kilometer.
  • The entire country of Comoros has a police force of five hundred (500) officers. There is also a small standing army.
  • Comoros is not an overly large country ranking only one hundred and seventy eth (170th) in the world in regards to land area. It is seven hundred and eighty-five (785) square miles which is equal to two thousand and thirty-four (2,034) square kilometers.
  • Comoros is neighbor to Madagascar, Tanzania, Seychelles, and Mozambique.
  • Comoros is located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the eastern coast of Africa.
  • The coastline of the Comoros islands are two hundred and eleven (211) miles in length which is equal to three hundred and forty (340) kilometers.
  • Comoros has one hundred and forty-six (146) different bird species. As for mammals, the population is restricted to bats and marine mammals. This is caused by volcanic activity.

This has been a list of fun and interesting facts about the country of Comoros.

Here, you have learned about where Comoros is, how many people live there, and what the main exports are. You have learned about the capital city and the size of the country.

There has been information about languages and animal life.

There has also been informed about the volcanic activity in Comoros. Hopefully, you have learned some new and fascinating facts that you can use in some way.

Learning about different countries and their history and culture is very important and this has only been one of the many.

While this list has covered all of the vital information about the country of Comoros, there is always more to learn.

The beaches of Comoros are said to be incredibly beautiful, if you ever have the chance to travel, this is one place you will definitely want to put on your list.