Do Otters Eat Fish

River otters eat crayfish, crabs, and other aquatic invertebrates, as well as fishes and frogs. In spite of concerns that otters compete with game fishers, the fish they consume are mostly non-game species. Occasionally, otters will eat birds, rabbits, and rodents.

A giant otter eats mainly fish and crabs.

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How do Otters Catch Fish?

The otter is a fierce hunter. It is the top predator in almost every ecosystem. In order to catch their prey, these animals use a variety of tools and techniques.

Giant otters and river otters use their vibrissae to detect prey. Water otter consumes smaller fish, while land otter consumes larger fish.

It is necessary to practice handling fish. As a result, nursing mothers will teach their pups to catch fish until they are one year old. They are fast swimmers. The otter’s sharp jaws allow it to quickly grasp a fish once it spots one. During the process of devouring the prey, a large otter will grasp it with its paws.

How Many Fish do Otters Eat in a Day?

During the winter, when fish are most vulnerable, they consume two to three pounds of fish each day. When fish are easy to catch, otters kill more fish than they consume.

The high metabolic rate of an otter, which is important for generating body heat, necessitates a high intake of food.

The river otter consumes between 15% and 20% of its body weight each day.

A sea otter consumes about 25-30% of its body weight. Large males can consume up to 11 kg (25 lb.) of food daily.

Do Otters Eat the Whole Fish

Occasionally, they will remove pieces of more than one fish, resulting in a number of dead fish. However, once they have eaten, they stop.

What size fish do otters eat?

The otter consumes fish up to 12 cm in length and small eels up to 50 cm in length in natural conditions. Anglers are generally not interested in the prey species of otter. Most otters like to eat at night when many fish species are more docile and easy to catch.

How do I protect my pond from an otter?

Winterize your pond by covering it with heavy gauge mesh. Normal pond netting won’t work. They can squeeze through 100mm gaps. Outside lights may help deter them. Keep a close eye on your pond for signs of otters.

Do Otters Eat Sea Urchins

To survive, sea otters eat hard-shelled invertebrates, including sea urchins, clams, mussels, and crabs. They consume their prey in an unusual way.

They dive to rocky reefs to collect invertebrates and rocks. The rocks are placed on their stomachs as they float on their backs at the surface. 

Their shelled prey is smashed against the rock to get to the soft parts they can eat. 

Do Otters Eat Birds

Birds are caught by sea otters by diving and catching them while resting on the surface.

Otters drag birds under and wrestle with them on the surface, biting their heads and necks.

When the bird is subdued, the otter catches it with its forepaws and strips it.

Otters discard their carcasses after 10–15 minutes of feasting.