England Facts

England is the largest of four countries in the United Kingdom (UK). The other countries are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Wales and Scotland border England. There are 51 cities in England, and London is the capital.

England Facts for Kids

  • London is the capital of England
  • In 2018, England had a population of 55 million
  • The River Thames is the longest river in England
  • Windermere is the largest lake in England
  • The highest mountain is Scafell Pike (3,209 ft)

Other Facts

  • England is a country located in the United Kingdom.
  • On the northwest corner of England, there is the Irish Sea while on its southwest corner there is the Celtic Sea.
  • Between England and mainland Europe, there is a sea known as the North Sea.
  • England makes up five-eighths of all islands belonging to Great Britain which are located on the north side of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The original occupants of England were the modern human beings during the third stage of the Old Stone Age.
  • England was founded as a united nation in the 10th century. Since the 15th century, England has greatly impacted the rest of the world.
  • The capital city of England is London.
  • London covers an area of approximately 1,579 square kilometers with a total population of 8,787,892 people.
  • England’s landscape has short mountains and grasslands more so in the southern and central regions. The northern region has highlands.
  • England covers a total area of 130,279 kilometer square with a total population of 53.01 million people as per 2011.
  • The currency used in England is known as the Sterling Pound.
  • Other main cities located in England are Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Leeds.
  • The longest river in England is the River Thames, which has a length of 346 km
  • The largest lake in England is Lake Windermere which covers an area of 5.69 square miles.
  • Other lakes located in England are Ullswater (3.44 square miles), Bassenthwaite Lake (2.06 square miles), and Derment water (2.06 square miles) among others.
  • Other mountains located in England are Sca Fell (964 meters), Helvellyn (950 m), III Crag ( 935 m), Broad Crag ( 934 m), Skiddaw (931 m), Great End (910 m), Bowfell (902 m), Great Gable (899 m) and Cross Fell (893 m).
  • England is home to many small islands, for example, the Isle of Wight and Hayling Island among others.
  • The distance between France and England is about 21 miles (34 kilometers). However, there is a tunnel joining the two countries which is known as the Channel Tunnel. The tunnel was opened up in 1994.
  • The major religions followed in England are Christianity whereby 59.4 percent of the residents of this state are Christians, about 5 percent of the people are Muslims while the Hinduism religion is followed by about 1.5 percent.
  • 24.7 percent of the people do not follow any religion, then about 2.2 percent of the people follow other religions such as Neopaganism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism among others.
  • The climatic condition of England is usually moderate during the summers while the winters are usually cool.
  • The summers are not as warm as those of the rest of the continent, but the winters are slightly milder than those of the rest continent. In general, the climatic condition in England is usually known as moderate maritime.
  • This can be interpreted that the temperatures do not go below 0 degrees during the winters and a maximum of 32 degrees during the summers.
  • The highest temperature to have ever been recorded in England was on the 10th of August 2003 which was 38.5 degrees Celsius.
  • The size of England is 74 times smaller than the whole size of the USA and about 59 times smaller than the size of Australia. Japan is three times bigger than the size of England. However, the total number of people living in England is 2.5 times that of the people living in Australia. Also, the population of people living in England is 1.5 times the population of California.
  • The official language of England was French about 300 years ago.
  • The largest wetland found on earth known as Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Trust is found in England. It is the largest residence for Swans, geese, and ducks on the earth. This is the only place on earth where 6 types of Flamingo can be found.
  • The most common types of food consumed in England are sandwiches, chips, fish, Cornish pasty, trifle, and roast dinners.