Environment for Kids

The term “environment” relates to all of earth’s physical surroundings including nonliving and living.
If you look around you can see that it involves animals, plants, people, and any living or nonliving things required to survive and that are relied upon for survival.
What is the importance of a healthy and balanced environment?
The very survival of all life on earth relies on the health of our environment. It’s important for us to know when there is danger or harm so that we can correct it.
The earth’s atmosphere relies on which factors to create weather?
Temperature, wind velocity, pressure, and humidity. Changes in any single factor can alter the environment and weather conditions.
By 1991, what critical portion of the earth’s land area was destroyed by over 50%?
The rain forests. These important areas of the earth were once over 14% and due to man’s interference, have been reduced by half. Known as the “lungs of the world”, the rain forests give us the needed oxygen to breathe and create a balance in the atmosphere.
What creature is known as the “farmer’s friends?”
The earthworm. This single creature helps to aerate the soil as well as contributes droppings that assist in fertilizing and some farmers import earthworms to help with their crops.
There are over 25 major environmental protection groups established around the world. Name eight of them.

  • Sierra Club. (the oldest, founded in 1892)
  • National Audubon Society
  • Friends of the earth
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Greenpeace
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • 1% For The Planet.

Industrial pollutants that enter into the atmosphere create what form of devastating precipitation?
Acid rain. Before countries put laws into place to reduce and stop atmospheric pollution, acid rain fell and destroyed many of the lakes and forests around the world. Acid rain contains nitrogen oxides and sulfur that was mostly due to burning coal and fossil fuels.
What atmospheric layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, protecting the earth?
The ozone layer. This layer can be found in the stratosphere of the earth and has the name due to the high concentrations of O3 (ozone). Certain industrial pollutants and chemicals that enter this layer can break down the ozone and reduce its ability to protect the earth.
Which environmental protection organization is known for taking on big polluting corporations with volunteers that protest in rather radical non-violent ways?
Greenpeace. With locations in over 39 countries, this nongovernmental organization was founded in 1971 and appears all over the globe to protest against corporations that pollute and destroy the natural balance of the environment.
What was the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster?
The 1986 Chernobyl, Russia nuclear power plant meltdown. It is considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in terms of casualties and cost and is one of two that are listed as a maximum level 7 event classification on the International Nuclear Event Scale.
What is the largest earthworm found anywhere in the world?
The South African Giant Earthworm. This earthworm is averaged at 6 feet long but can grow up to as long as 22 feet.
What is red tide and how has this situation gotten worse?
Red tide is known as an algae bloom with has happened throughout history. However, as mankind dumps fertilizers and “food” for the algae, the blooms have become so large that they take over huge areas of the ocean. Red tide algae eats up all of the oxygen in the water, killing all life where it floats.