Hudson Bay

There are many amazing places in the world full of fascinating history.

Everything that has ever happened in the history of the world makes the place that it happened famously.

Whether the event and place are famous to the whole world or only one person, every place contains its own special significance to someone, somewhere.

One incredibly interesting place is Hudson Bay.

If you would like to learn some amazing facts about the Hudson Bay, this is the place you need to be! keep reading for some fascinating information.

Hudson Bay Facts for Kids

  • The Hudson Bay was named after the explorer Henry Hudson. In the year 1610 Sir Hudson set out on a trip in his vessel by the name of Discovery in search of a journey to Asia. This trip took Sir Hudson through the Hudson Bay area.
  • The east coast of what is now known as the Hudson Bay was mapped two years after Mr. Hudson’s journey aboard the Discovery. The south coast was not mapped for several years, not until 1631.
  • The average depth of the Hudson Bay is around 100 meters which is equal to 330 feet. At its deepest, the Bay is around 270 meters or 900 feet.
  • Temperatures remain low all throughout the year at the Hudson Bay. The average is between -5 degrees celsius, which is equal to 23 degrees Fahrenheit and -9 degrees celsius which is equal to 15.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In warmer months, the temperature may rise to 10 degrees celsius which is equal to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The shores of the Hudson Bay are not heavily populated with only approximately 12 villages. Most of these villages were founded in the 1600s and 1700s as trading posts. They are now mostly populated by Inuit and Cree people.
  • Wildlife abounds in the Hudson Bay. Many marine species reside within the Bay itself; this includes starfish, sea urchins, and mollusks. There are also many fish including cod, halibut, and salmon. Dolphins, killer whales, and walruses can also be found. Outside of the water, you may find polar bears and any number of around two hundred (200) different species of birds.
  • Around fifty-thousand (50,000) beluga whales make the Hudson Bay their home during the summer months.
  • The Hudson Bay is the second-largest bay in the entire world. It encompasses one million, two hundred and thirty (1,230,000) square kilometers.
  • A company by the name of The Hudson Bay Company (HBC) which is famous for its part in starting the fur trade in Canada is named after the Hudson Bay. This company is the oldest corporation in North America having been founded in the year 1670. It is also in the list of the oldest corporations in the world.
  • The Hudson Bay Railway, which opened in the year 1929 is link from the prairie provinces to Churchill, Man.
  • The Hudson Bay is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the hudson Strait in the northeast and the Arctic Ocean by the Foxe Channel to the north



Question: Which rivers feed the Hudson Bay?

Answer: The Thelon River, Dubawnt River, Winisk River, Hayes River, Nelson River, Churchill River, kazan River, and the Severn River.

Question: The Hudson Bay Company was founded after the Nonsuch reached the Hudson Bay in 1668 and began trading what type of animal pelts?

Answer: Beaver

This has been only a small list of the amazing facts about the Hudson Bay. There is much to learn about this amazing place, it has been the center of so many amazing things! The Hudson Bay is truly an amazing place!