Femur Facts

The Femur is the thighbone. It connects to the pelvis and the knee at the upper end and forms a … Read more

Tongue Facts

Our tongues have multiple uses for us. We need our tongue to form words and talk while at the same … Read more

Teeth Facts

Our teeth are incredibly important in the way we eat and digest our food. Teeth are small, hard, bony calcified … Read more

Skin Facts

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Senses Facts

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Nose Facts

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The Nervous System

Our nervous system could be compared to a network of electrical wiring. It is what sends signals to the body … Read more

Muscle Facts

You might think of muscles like those in the arms and legs that allow an athlete to perform well, but … Read more


We pretty much don’t take any notice of our lungs. We breathe in and out every day and just assume … Read more

Immune System

The word ‘immune’ (pronounced ih-myoon) actually means to be protected. Our immune systems work in the body to fight off … Read more

Heart Facts

Our heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It goes non-stop, pumping blood throughout your body … Read more

Hearing Facts

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Hair Facts

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Hair is found all over the body, but it is most … Read more

Eye Facts

Eye Facts We experience the world through sight and it is one of the five senses. Without sight, we would … Read more

Ear Facts

The ear is an organ that helps us to hear. It is also important for maintaining our balance. The ear … Read more

Breathing System

We take our breathing system for granted because it happens without thinking. The body has a part of the brain … Read more