Labrador Sea

Everybody loves to watch how the sun rises and sets over the horizon from the sea.

Children of your age especially, find it to be a habit to visit the seas around, and then see beautiful things all around the sea.

As a child, there is one sea you must never miss visiting, the Labrador Sea.

The Labrador Sea is a well-known sea located between Greenland and the coast of Paamiut in the country of Canada.

Facts About The Labrador Sea

The sea of Labrador has a large number of features that children should be aware of.

  • History Almost every object on our planet, Earth, is a gift that mother nature has given unto human beings. The trees, mountains, and even the seas are all gifts of nature to us. The sea of Labrador is one of these gifts and has been here for several millions of years. The sea of Labrador is a salty sea and has a very fast current that moves at a speed of one meter for every second that passes. The Labrador sea is also known to have one of the largest turbidity channel systems in the whole world.
  • Formation The sea of Labrador has formed over 60 million years ago and for 20 million years, it kept expanding. Yes, it continued to expand even after forming. And this happened because it was between the North American Plate and the Greenland plate.
  • DepthWhen it comes to how deep the Labrador Sea is, it goes down to a depth of about 3,400 meters.
  • Size Also, the sea of Labrador is about a thousand kilometers wide, almost like a thousand ships put together. Surely, this is one sea your parents should let you see
  • Living Animals As a child, it would be very fun to watch the vast number of animals that can always be seen around. The fishes, seals, whales, and even shrimps are wonderful to watch as they dive in and out of the cold water of the sea. Along the coast of Labrador, we can always find arctic foxes, ducks, geese, and even ravens. Also, many of the animals you can find there choose to use the area around the sea as a breeding ground.
  • Extinct Animals Children of your age can experience the sights of all of these animals. That way, you would have a lot of stories to tell your friends. Many of the animals you can find along the coast of the Labrador sea are friendly, urging you to even take pictures of them to show your friends. The Labrador sea as well once had an animal of its own. This animal was a bird, known as the Labrador duck. Although researchers still study its remains, the Labrador duck is now seen as an extinct animal.
  • Temperature The sea of Labrador has very cold water. The water can be between a temperature of −1°C to a temperature of about 6 °C, which is very cold.
  • Ice Sometimes, some of the parts of the sea freeze and become ice because of how cold the area can be. Researchers have proven that about two-third, which is more than half of the sea, usually becomes ice during the winter season. If you are a kid who loves cold weather, then the sea of Labrador is one sea you should visit.
  • Vegetation Around the sea of Labrador, we can always find plants of different types. Some of the plants that grow around the coast of the sea are willow, cottongrass, black spruce, white spruce, and sedge.
  • Useful Plants Luckily, Labrador tea is used for making herbal teas. This plant can also be found along the coast of the Labrador Sea.