Mount Logan Facts

Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, is in Kluane National Park and Reserve in southwestern Yukon. It was named for Sir William Edmond Logan, a Canadian geologist.

Temperatures are very low on Mount Logan, and little snowmelt leads to a large ice cap.

Millions of people visit Mount Logan every year. Here are some interesting facts you may not know. These are some fascinating and lesser-known facts about Logan Mountain if you are searching for Mount Logan.

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Mount Logan Facts for Kids

  • Mount Logan, mountain, highest point 19,551 feet (5,959 meters)
  • It’s in St. Elias Mountains of southwestern Yukon. Mount Logan, Yukon, Canada
  • An expedition under A.H. MacCarthy was the first to reach the summit in 1925
  • It’s named after Sir William Logan, founder of the Geological Survey of Canada.

It’s Cold

In the winter, the temperature is -45°C or -49°F above. Melting snow forms the ice cap, which reaches 300 meters above sea level.

Non-Polar Ice Field

Logan Mountain is part of a large non-polar ice field. On top of the mountain is a glacier. Snow and very low temperatures form at the summit and summit plateau because of this. The base of the mountain is popular. Most tourists prefer base camp.

The Climatic Condition

Logan Mountain has a very low climate. There are glaciers all around the Mountain. This is why glacier travel is common in Logan Mountain. Its summit plateau is 5000 meters high.

In the winter, the temperature above there drops to -45 degrees Celsius. Snow melts to form the ice cap, which reaches 300 meters above sea level.

The Base Circumference

Mount Logan has the largest circumference of any non-volcanic mountain. Its base is huge. It lies in Kluane National Park.

Base camp is very popular with tourists. Its summit is also very popular with climbers. There are many tourists who prefer Base Camp due to its moderate temperature.

The Ice Plateau

Several summits of Mount Logan rise almost above the snowline. Since the ice Plateau on top is still rising, it extends 19 kilometers.

The plateau attracts very few tourists. There are only 13 possible routes to climb Mount Logan. That is why very few people have done so.

When is Mount Logan 

Logan Mountain is situated in the St Elias Mountains of Yukon Territory. The St Elias Mountains are the largest mountain block in the world.