Mozambique Channel

Have you ever been to the southern part of Africa?

There are a lot of interesting people to meet and places to visit in that part of the continent.

One of these fun places in the Mozambique Channel.

In this case, the channel here refers to an arm of an ocean water-body. Just like the name suggests, a large part of this channel is in Mozambican territory but the ocean that forms the channel is the Indian Ocean.

Let us take a look at what makes the Mozambique Channel so special. It’s fun facts time!


Mozambique Channel Facts for Kids

  • Location: The Mozambique Channel is an arm of the Indian Ocean that lies between the nations of Madagascar and Mozambique. Its coordinates are 18°S 41°E. Madagascar by the way is an island ocean in Southern Africa.
  • Size: The length of the Mozambique Channel is a little more than 1,600 kilometers, which is around a thousand miles. It has different widths at different periods of the year which range from 400 to 950 kilometers, which is 250 to 600 miles.
  • Depth: The average depth of the Mozambique Channel is a fact that keeps changing all through the centuries, but most times, it is around 10,000 feet. The maximum depth known is 10,800 feet.
  • Composition: The water content of the Mozambique Channel is majorly derived from that of the Indian Ocean which is its source. Do not forget that the channel is nothing but an arm of the Indian Ocean. It is powered by a warm water current, which is known as the Mozambique Current.
  • Name: In French, the Mozambique Channel is referred to as “Canal du Mozambique”, while in Malagasy it is called “Lakandranon’i Mozambika,” and in Portuguese, it is named “Canal de Moçambique.”
  • Route: The channel starts from the North with the Comoro Archipelago and ends in the south at Bassas da India and Europa. Along the channel, aot of rivers are connected to it.
  • Appearance: Viewing the Mozambique Channel from the top, it looks like a small rectangle with rugged and rough edges. It is but a small part of the Indian Ocean. The waters of the Mozambique Channel are clear.
  • Islands: The channel is by two islands and one mainland. On the North, it is connected to the Comoro Islands, on the East to the west coast of Madagascar, on the west to the mainland Madagascar and on the south to Cape Sante Marie.
  • Port information: Two major ports, which are Mahajanga (Majunga) and Toliary (Tuléar) is located in the Mozambique Channel territory. The mouth of the Zambezi River and the ports of Maputo are also within. All major Madagascar rivers flow into the Mozambique channel. No doubt it is a very important water body to the island.
  • History: During the deadly World War II, the Mozambique Channel served as a point for clashes between enemies during the battle of Madagascar.
  • Business and Tourism: Though the Mozambique Channel is not a major tourist site for people outside the continent, it remains an important pathway for the shipping of goods in Eastern Africa.


Now you have learned many new facts about the interesting Mozambique Channel. It is time to test what you know. Let’s go!

Question: Can you write down the name of the Mozambique Channel in French?

Answer: Canal du Mozambique

Question (And this is a tough one): What is the range of the width of the Mozambique channel in kilometers?

Answer: 400 to 950 kilometers

Question: What is the name of the battle fought on the Mozambique Channel?

Answer: Battle of Madagascar.