North Sea

As a child, it is very good to explore the world, especially the seas that can be found on planet Earth.

Earth has a vast number of seas, but one popular one every child should know about is the North sea.

The North sea is very popular in the countries of England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, and Germany, and possesses so many fun facts that every child should know.

The North Sea Facts for Kids

  • History The North sea is a young sea that washes across the shores of 8 countries. The North sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean and is seen as a shallow sea.
  • Animals The North sea has a lot of mammals in it. Some of which can be dolphins, seals, and even whales of different species. Also, the North sea is known to have a lot of extinct animals, as many skeletons of animals have been found there. Even the deepest dinosaur fossil was found in the North sea.
  • Size The North sea is a large sea. It is 970 kilometers long and 580 kilometers wide. Most times, regular people as well as researchers like taking pictures of this big sea from helicopters. The sea’s great size attracts many people from different countries of the world.
  • Fishes Usually, shellfishes such as crustaceans, shrimps, lobsters, and many others can be found around the North sea. Research has proven that there are over 230 species of fish living in the North sea. Fishers from both far and near usually fish from the North sea. Some of these fishes may include haddock, sole, mackerel, sprat, sandeel, whiting, and even cod.
  • Birds Because of the islands that dwell on the North sea, birds of different species can be found flying around. Many birds go to the North sea to feed and breed. Birds like puffins, seagulls, seaducks, terns, and gannets can be found and watched along the coast of the North sea.
  • Plants Some plants such as wrack, Japanese seaweed, maerl, and algae can be found in and along the coast of the North sea. Although, many other species of plants used to be present, but are now extinct.
  • Resources Under the sea, geologists have indicated the presence of oil and natural gas. Because of this, many oil fields have been set up to allow the extraction of these natural resources.
  • Transport  The North sea aids the transport of ships every day. The seaports around the North sea are always very busy with hundreds of ships coming in and out.
  • Tourist Attraction Tourism is widely practiced across the North sea because tourists finds many of its features to be great attractions.
  • Islands  We can always find islands across the edges of the North sea. These islands serve as homes to various species of birds and animals. Some of these islands include Shetland and Frisian islands.


What did you learn?

Question: How Old Is The North Sea?

Answer: The North sea is seen by many to be a very young sea. Researchers have proven the sea to be of the age of 20,000 years.

Question: How Was The North Sea Formed?

Answer: The North sea was formed 20,000 years ago due to the ice age that happened several thousands of years ago. The North sea was formed after the glaciers during the ice age melted. This tells us how young the sea is.

Question: How Cold Can The Water Of The North Sea Be?

Answer: The North sea is seen as one of the coldest seas in the whole world. During summer, the water of the North sea can up to 17 °C, and 6 °C during winter.