Finding Nature’s Own Pesticides

Bugs and insects are a constant nuisance in our lives.

Many manufacturers have created pesticides that contain toxins and poisons to kill the bugs, but that is also harmful to humans, pets, and other living creatures.

Some of these poisons can have deadly long-term effects and can even poison the land and water.

Today we are always in search of any natural products that can be eco-friendly and yet get rid of the pests and insects without harming anyone or anything else. The interest in this field has been so great that there have been a number of natural and organic products that are sold in the stores.

Throughout existence, nature has created some very easy ways to get rid of insects, bugs, and even various forms of fungus. The time has come for us to return to some of the natural ways and stop using chemicals that can damage us, the earth, and wildlife around us.

If you are growing a butterfly garden, be careful to not use any oils to coat the leaves as this will harm the butterflies. Don’t use any products that are petroleum (oil) based such as mineral or vegetable oils.

  • Onions and Garlic: Planting these plants along with a garden can reduce the number of insects. They don’t like the taste of either plant and will leave the garden area in search of better food.
  • Hot peppers: This will not only make pests go away but it does kill them through the ‘burning effect’ of the natural chemicals in the peppers.
  • Mint: While we might love the taste of mint, insects hate it. Many organic farmers plant mint alongside their crops to keep bugs away.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: one to two tablespoons in water, sprinkled over plants can work as a natural method to keep fungus away.
  • Citrus acid: This might sound bad, but it’s actually the juice of any citrus fruit such as oranges or lemons. Bugs really hate citrus and it can get rid of them fast.
  • Organic, plant-based dishwashing liquid: Mixing a bit of the dishwashing liquid with water and sprinkling over plants will help to get rid of aphids. It doesn’t kill them, it just makes them sick.
  • Bone meal and egg shells: These are items that contain a high level of natural calcium carbonate and both snails and slugs hate it.

Are you interested in finding out what natural pesticides would work the best? If you want to try an easy experiment, download the worksheet.