Petra Facts

An ancient city is one of the most fascinating things to discover and learn about. Petra is one of these beautiful ancient cities and is also one of the most famous historic archaeological sites.

It would be a real adventure to explore the city that is half man-made and the other half is carved into the rock that surrounds the city.

This World Heritage Site, classified by UNESCO in 1985, is found between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.

When was Petra Built?

It was built in 312 BC by a tribe known as the Nabataeans who were the ancient southern Arab people.

They were very skilled at carving, plumbing, stone masonry, and trading!

Due to all these skills, it is no wonder that this ancient city has so much left to discover and is such an exciting place to visit!

Petra Facts for Kids

  • The ancient city of Petra is also known as the ‘Rose City’. This is because the rock in which the city is built is a rose-red color. The red rock was originally known as Mount Hor.
  • Petra is the Greek word for stone and this name makes perfect sense because of where the city is located and how some of it is carved into the rock.
  • In 2007, this historic place was named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • In 362 AD, the city suffered from terrible earthquakes that left most of the city with a lot of damage. The buildings and the city’s water system were affected.
  • Petra is famous for its amazing building but also the water conduit system!
  • The area in Jordan where Petra is found is known to experience flooding. The water from the floods was controlled by a system put in place that would store the water that would help the city through periods of drought.
  • A Swiss Explorer, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, discovered this city of wonders in 1812. Until he discovered Petra, it had been unheard of to the Western World for about 5 centuries!
  • Did you know that only 15% of the city has been explored by researchers and archaeologists? Maybe one day you will grow up to join the investigation and make a discovery of your own!
  • The city remains a big tourist attraction to this day and people come from all over the world to visit it.
  • The city has even been the location of many documentaries and Hollywood movies such as Indiana Jones!


Question: Is the Paricutin Volcano one of oldest or the youngest volcanoes of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt?
Answer: Youngest

Question: What year did the Paricutin Volcano first erupt in?
Answer: 1943

Question: How many years did the volcano erupt for?
Answer: 8

Question: What was the volcano named after?
Answer: The village where it is located

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Answer: 424 meters