American Pika Facts

Pikas are small mammals that are closely related to rabbits and hares. They live in colder climates in North America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. They do not hibernate and eat plant matter like grass, moss, lichen, and shrub twigs.

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Pika Facts for Kids

  • Pikas are small mammals
  • They are herbivores
  • They like to eat plant matter like grass, moss, lichen and shrub twigs
  • They live in colder climates on rocky mountain slopes
  • Pikas live in colonies
  • If in danger or scared they bark to warn other animals
  • They are more active during the daytime
  • Pikas live for about seven years in the wild
  • Pikas mating season is from April to July

What do Pikas eat

Pikas are herbivores and eat green plants like thistles, fireweed, grasses, and sedges.

American Pika

Are Pikas dangerous?

No, they look cure but also know how to defend themselves when needed. Because they live in colonies, they have the support of their group to help fend off any predators.

American Pika