Republic of Congo Facts for Kids

The world is filled with amazing, beautiful, and fascinating places. There are some places that are very cold all year and places that are super hot all year.

Some places constantly have rain while others hardly ever see even a drop of rain.

Every area has its own unique list of animals that live there and trees that grow there.

Every country has a specific language that is spoken there and specific fashion trends. Each place in the world has its own history and its own culture. It is important to learn about all of the different places in the world.

This is how we learn about ourselves, by learning about the world around us. One amazing place in the world is the Republic of Congo.

Here, you will find a list of the most amazing and interesting facts about the Congo.


Republic of Congo Facts for Kids

  • The Congo is known by several names including the Republic of the Congo, West Congo, Congo Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, and simply Congo.
  • The land area of the Republic of Congo spans one hundred thirty-two thousand and forty-seven (132,047) square miles which is equal to three hundred forty-two thousand square kilometers. This makes Congo just a bit larger than Italy.
  • The capital of the Republic of Congo is Brazzaville which covers thirty-eight point six (38.6) square miles which is equal to one hundred (100) square kilometers. Brazzaville has a population of one point nine (1.9) million.
  • The country Republic of Congo is located in Central Africa.
  • The Congo grows and produces many things, but its main exports are sugar, cacao, plywood, lumber, and petroleum.
  • The main crops grown in the Republic of Congo are corn, rice, sugar, and tapioca (cassava).
  • There are quite a few tribes and civilizations in the Republic of Congo, but the most famous is a tribe from the rainforest in Congo, the Pygmy Tribe. The people of this tribe are small of stature with the average man standing four feet and ten inches (4′ 10”) tall. The average woman stands four feet and one inch (4′ 1”) tall.
  • The Republic of Congo has many plant species growing everywhere, around ten thousand (10,000) different tropical plant species.
  • Congo is home to many different animals including Forest Elephants, Chimpanzees, and Mountain Gorillas.
  • The Republic of Congo’s official currency is the Central Africa Franc (CAF).
  • The official language of the Republic of Congo is French. Several other languages are also quite popular including Monokutuba and Lingala.
  • The rainforest in the Congo Basin is the second-largest rainforest in the world. This rainforest extends well beyond the Congo border into Gabor, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic.
  • The term often used to refer to people who live in Congo is Congolese
  • The Congo River is the deepest river and the world’s second-largest river by discharge. This river is two hundred and twenty (220) meters deep. Forty-one thousand (41,000) cubic meters flow through it per second.
  • Congo has a rainy season every year starting in March and going through June. This area has a tropical climate.
  • Congo is bordered by Gabon, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, and Cameroon.
  • Congo has a coastline along the South Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Republic of Congo is the 63rd largest country in the world. This ranking is based on the land area.
  • Around seventy percent (70%) of the Congo’s land is covered by rainforest.
  • The highest mountain in Congo is Mont Nabemba with an elevation of three thousand three hundred and forty-six (3,346) feet which is equal to one thousand and twenty (1,020) meters. This mountain is located in Sangha Department.

The Republic of Congo is a truly amazing place to see and to visit.

The history and culture are simply fascinating and the scenery is beautiful.

There is so much to learn and explore, it could take a long time to see and learn everything about this place.

Hopefully, you have learned some new and interesting facts that will help you on your journey to learn about the Republic of Congo.

The best way to learn about another country is to visit it, but that is not always possible.

If travel is not in your immediate future, researching via the internet and the local library is the next best thing.