Sheepdog Facts

A sheepdog is a guard animal of sheep. They are usually medium-sized breeds, such as the Border Collie, German Shepherd, and Belgian Shepherd. They not only protect sheep from predators such as coyotes, foxes, and bobcats; they also herd them away from any dangers that may be lurking nearby.

Sheepdogs have been needed since humans began to drastically farm new land about ten millennia ago. The earliest human inhabitants of Australia actually used dingoes for this task until European settlers brought in their own dogs like border collies.

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Sheep Dog Facts for Kids

  • A sheepdog is a dog that is trained to protect sheep from predators.
  • They are usually taught to protect sheep from coyotes and other predators
  • Sheepdogs are excellent workers and they can make a good partner for the farmworker
  • Sheepdogs have a high level of intelligence.
  • Protected from the wet by their double-coated outer coat and dense, soft undercoat.

1.These dogs were originally for wealthy people.

In the early days, these dogs were originally for the wealthy until later when other families owned them. Their role was originally to help drive sheep and cattle to market for sale. They would be used to prevent the sheep from splitting up and being lost or stolen. Then they would be used to drive them back home.

2.They have a distinctive bark.

A Sheepdog has a distinct bark that is independent of the surrounding sound and, interestingly enough, can often be heard from long distances from their own territory. The sheep dog’s bark has a hypnotic effect on the sheep it is chasing and also on other dogs that may subsequently come into contact with the chase.

The barking of these dogs is compared to the sound of a vicious wolf or the roar of a lion. It warns of danger and helps to keep the flock together while it also signals to other sheepdogs that their territory is being intruded upon.

3.These are known for their thick coat.

Sheepdogs are known to be double-coated with medium-length fur.

The topcoat lies close to the body of the animal, and it can be straight and harsh. On the other hand, the inner coat is gray, and it is hard to see through the outer coat.

The colors of the topcoat may vary, and they can sometimes be black and tan, gold with discoloration, or white markings that are sable. Considering that they will shed a great deal, you will need to take care of the animal from time to time. Owners must have a routine where they will need to help them out in the shredding process.

4.Their thick coat is highly functional.

It is believed that the thick coat adapted as a result of the environment. The sheep were the main source of food and clothing. The dog’s thick coat also provided warmth and protection from the cold. It also protected the dog from being bitten by other animals that might potentially make contacts, such as wolves, lions, or humans.

During wet winter and warm summers, most of the animals may not survive such an environment.

However, their coat comes in handy during such moments as it is waterproof and insulating. It is also known that the coat allowed the animal to blend in with sheep, and such was beneficial for herding purposes.

5.These dogs are very intelligent.

If you are looking for a dog that is active and too eager to learn, sheepdogs are the best. They are very intelligent and will have a tendency to become bored if they don’t get enough exercise. They need to be trained early on because of their intelligence, so you should start training them when they are young.

When well taken care of, they can be very protective of their family and territory.

We, therefore, don’t expect them to befriend most strangers immediately. Although they are obedient to their owners, some training may be needed.

Choosing recommended training methods is one of the best ways to ensure that they are well trained. It is important to remember that training methods will vary depending on the dog, and one of the best ways to discover what works for your dog is through trial and error.

6.These dogs are highly versatile.

These animals are powerful and reliable. Their stamina also guarantees their high agility, and this is why you need to have one. They also have a keen sense of direction that will keep them on the right path, especially when chasing.

With the features such as athleticism and power, you are sure that you are safe from any happenings when they are around as they can protect you. Sheepdogs are very affectionate. They like to be part of the family and enjoy staying with their families. This makes them great companions.

7.These breeds need more grooming.

Taking care of any pet becomes the routine of every owner as they need to keep them in the best shape.

Weekly brushing and grooming is necessary as it prevents dead hair and removes dirt and parasites. With the proper care and dieting, you can keep your pet healthy and fit.

Remember that your dog will thank you for all that you do for them, and they will return all the love and affection that they get from you.

8.These Dogs love to have fun.

Anyone considering a dog for sporting activities, these breeds are the best. They are tough, smart, can be trained, and most of all do not get distracted by anything.

They love children, which is a major factor in choosing the right dog for children. They can be trained to tread the roads or to be a herder of sheep. Goats, horses or cattle, whatever is available.

Given that they have a real sense of humor and they can be crowns, having fun becomes a part of them. Thus, some training could come in handy in ensuring that they are the best in sporting activities.

9.They are easy to live with.

Any pet needs the care to ensure that they maintain their weight and socialize better with humans. A Sheepdog doesn’t compare to most other breeds in this regard, as living with them is not as hard as compared to others.

They can be full of energy and have a tendency to be naughty but are amazingly affectionate. They are usually honest and tend to bond well with other dogs.

They are energetic and might need help burning the calories that they accumulate.

Owners of these pets also need to practice patient on how they manage the dog, and you will enjoy their high-level obedience.

10.They have a special gait.

It is believed that they developed such a trait as a result of their former role, which involved walking cattle to the market. With that, those who love to take their dogs for a walk have a perfect partner. Because of their amble, owners are sure that they can walk long distances and they will have more energy in them.

11.Their tendency to drool is lower.

First-time pet owners are always worried about drooling as they fear that such could cause a mess. For this reason, some of them may be looking for dog breeds that do not drool. However, this could be a very futile effort because there are no dogs that do not drool.

Dogs drool when they are happy and also to show love to their masters. In addition to that, drooling is also a sign of nervousness. Dogs that feel scared usually drool because they are in a state of panic.

There are dogs that drool more than other breeds

12.They require regular activity.

We want to avoid a situation where our pet becomes destructive and have behavioral problems. That is a problem in most cases when the animal is not too much involved in activities.

Owning these breeds requires that you engage them in different activities from time to time. For that reason, play sessions and vigorous exercise sessions are necessary to ensure they meet other breed standards.

13.They can live from 10-12 years.

Creating memories is the fun part about having a pet, as we want to do that for as long as possible. The breeds are the best in this line, considering that they live longer as compared to other species.

Their health may need attention during their old age, and trips to the vet becomes critical. Exercise plans such as walks are also recommended to ensure that they live up to such standards.