The Power of a Solar Oven

A solar oven is a safe and most effective way to have an oven without the need for outside fuel sources.

People all over the world face a daily crisis in trying to collect anything that can act as fuel.

There are those that walk many miles just to collect wood or don’t have the money to buy gas for a standard oven. Many more don’t have access to electricity.

A solar oven can give them the ability to cook food, using the sun’s natural heat.

Another benefit of a solar oven is that it can be used to heat water so that it is drinkable.

Water in many areas of the world has bacteria that are deadly and heating the water kills the germs, viruses, and bacteria that could kill them.

A solar oven or cooker brings a smoke-free environment to a family and a community. Using the sun, a family can make use of vegetables and whole grains that can be cooked so that they get the highest nutrient value.

In some countries, families spend almost one quarter (25%) of their income purchasing gas or oil to fuel their stoves. A solar oven is a one-time investment that frees up that money so that they can devote it to better foods and even education for their children.

Moderate temperatures brought by a solar oven have quite a few advantages. Food can be left for long periods of time without fear of burning and since it doesn’t need to be stirred, there isn’t a requirement for a person to constantly be watching over it. Pots and pans that are used for cooking can be easily cleaned and this is of high importance when a community has to travel far to get water.

For those communities that do canning, a solar oven is perfect to set the containers inside the hot water to allow the foods to be preserved. The hot water can also help to sanitize utensils and dishes so that disease is not passed around to the members. This can be extended into the community for sterilizing medical equipment and tools that may be needed to help the injured.

The ability to have or make a solar oven gives a family and community the chance to live healthier lives without having to devote so much time to the payment of fuel sources. Using a solar oven is also beneficial for the environment. Standard ovens add to pollution through the use of oil, gas, and wood. A solar oven is completely environmentally friendly and can even be made from resources that they have on-hand.

The concept of solar ovens is even being used in space travel. Fuel will be scarce when we land a community on another planet and a solar oven may be the easiest and best way to cook foods for the astronauts.

The hope is that they will have the ability to grow their own vegetables in hydroponic gardens and the use of a solar oven will help them maintain the nutrients of the food.

You might want to do a science experiment to see if you can build your own solar oven with the things you have around the house. What other uses could you think of for a solar oven?